Health Koncepts is a full service health and wellness company that offers voluntary benefits to employers for their employees. Using the 3 Pillar approach to health and wellness, the program focuses on economic, fitness, and nutrition education and activation.


At Health Koncepts our mission is to increase the health and wealth in America while reducing illness, stress and debt. We do this by serving the voluntary benefits industry with products and services that help employees and their families recover from all of life’s challenges.  We provide the assistance needed to plan for a better future and build long-term health and wellness patterns. Each employee participant will have access to expert health and wellness tools and resources.


Our team is health and wellness certified in all three pillars; economic, fitness and nutrition.


Health Koncepts Provides:

  • Free DNA Health Assessment
  • Free Credit Improvement Membership
  • Debt Settlement Assistance
  • Access to Industry Experts
  • Wealth Planning Assistance
  • Monthly 3 Pillar Courses
  • Motivational Group Events
  • Access to Industry Experts
  • Fitness Classes and Gym Membership
  • Access to Customized Nutritional Supplements
  • Economic, Fitness, and Nutrition Coaching



We believe that every employee in America is entitled to health, wellness and economic prosperity. What we find though is that prosperity means different things to different people. That’s why at Health Koncepts an economic, fitness and nutrition plan is tailored to the individual. Our programs are design to bring each member to their optimal health and wellness. The interworking of each pillar provides the possibility for a rapid transformation, a transformation that elevates the power of the human spirit. Everyone is capable of achieving their goals with the proper tools, motivation and support. Health Koncepts provides the tools, motivation and support needed.


  • Customization
  • Rapid Improvement
  • Optimal Wellness


The best part is our program is affordable at only $19.95 per weekly pay period or $39.90 per bi-weekly pay period. Our program last for 26 weeks with a total cost of $518.70 and provides thousands of dollars in value. You cannot find one-on-one economic, fitness, and nutrition coaching, tools and resources all in one place for such a low cost. We understand that most people believe that living a healthy lifestyle is expensive so we have designed a program that makes health and wellness affordable. We have created a platform that truly favors both employers and employees.


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