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The Fitness Pillar is designed to give participants access to fitness centers and training facilities.

After enrollment participants complete a questionnaire, which will assist Health Koncepts’ trained professionals in generating a reasonable and safe fitness plan.  This will allow participants to reach their immediate goals, while being encouraged to create a sustainable life-long fitness plan.


This pillar provide the following benefits:

  • Customized Assessment
  • Gym Membership
  • Free Personal Training Session
  • Discounts on Fitness Classes
  • Expert Fitness Training & Motivation
  • Certified Trainers
  • Group Events, Walks
  • Corporate Contests
  • Free Education & Courses
  • Health Koncepts Newsletter
  • Ongoing motivation
  • Self-Paced Learning


The Fitness Pillar provides the biggest boost to an individual’s confidence. Imagine finally reaching your physical fitness goals, having a body you are proud of and increased stamina and strength. These benefits are what make the Fitness Pillar so great.

To get the benefits that you deserve

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