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Three Pillars: Economic, Fitness, Nutrition












As we carefully developed Health Koncepts Voluntary Benefit Program, the following questions were taken into consideration: What is the purpose of a Pillar? How does it “hold up” a structure? How does it provide “strength” to the whole structure? In fact, Health Koncepts takes “Health and Wellness” to a whole new level by aiming to improve the "3 Pillars of Health":






Therefore, Health Koncepts has designed specialized support for each pillar, which allows participants to customize their experience, set goals, track results and seek professional advice.


The “3 Pillars of Health” benefit package is as follows:


The Economic Pillar is designed to provide long-term financial health and wellness through economic literacy and credit empowerment. Participants’ in this pillar will be able to create a current financial profile regarding their credit scores, debts, household budget and career goals.


Career Goals

Credit Education

Debt Management

Financial Budgeting


The Fitness Pillar allows employees access to local fitness centers, as well as, customized programs that allow Health Koncepts trained professionals to generate a reasonable and safe fitness plan for the participant.


6-Month Gym Membership

6-Month Personalized “Challenge Chart”

Weight-loss Targets, Objectives and Goals

Discounts on Professional Personal Training


The Nutrition Pillar provides employees with access to one of the worlds most unique and personalized nutrition formulas. This personalized formula is rich in essential phytonutrients, whole foods, superfruit extracts and antioxidants. These supplements are custom tailored to each participants DNA to help meet the nutritional needs of their body’s dietary planning at an expert level.


DNA Health Assessment

Informative Monthly Newsletter

Personalized Nutritional Products and Supplements



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